Introduction to Woodworking for Women

By: Nomad Boatbuilding
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Tired of the Man taking up all the space in your garage with his projects? How about you give him the the bums rush and take up that space with your own projects!

In this two-day introductory course you will learn the basics of woodworking with an emphasis on hand tools. You’ll be building a carpenters tool tote which will incorporate some dovetail joinery, proper use of fasteners, discussion of wood movement, and much more.

Hosted by the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society

Course Details

  • Instructor Experience: 20-29 years
  • Pricing: Fixed rate: $230.00
  • Max Students per course: 12

What You'll Need

All required tools will be provided but please contact us for a list of tools if you would like to bring your own.